Sep 27, 2013

How to Easily Skip Ads in Youtube

YouTube has become a part of lives and also Livelihood of many in different ways like Monetization, Paid Channel Subscriptions. But the YouTube Video ads have become one of the irresistible annoyances ever. These Video ads which cannot be blocked completely from appearing really becomes frustrating and time-wasting when we have to watch lengthy ads or same ad repeatedly.

So to the reader's of Senseit - TechBlog we have a dose for this. The Best and easiest ways to get rid of those ads on YouTube and skip them are given in this article. Here we have three ways sorted by there performances and features.

YouTube Options (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera) :

YouTube Options (website) stands out from others with its features. This is an extension that can completely change the Layout of YouTube as per our wish by ticking the check boxes in the settings of the extension. In this we are given with an option saying "Hide in-video ads, annotations, and closed-captions" which will completely skip the Video ads, hide the annotations and captions making YouTube non-crappy forever as long as it is Enabled.

We can return to the official YouTube Layout by just simply disabling the extension when we want to support our favourite channels that rely on Monetization.

Skip video ads on YouTube (Google Chrome Extension ) :

This is a Google Chrome Extension which only helps in skipping Video ads. By Installing this
extension we are provided by a button saying "Skip Ad" above the video.

By clicking this button we can skip the ad. In this we have the option to skip the ads only when necessary by clicking
the button and not always like the YouTube Options. (Online Service) : (currently offline)

This is an online service and similar to "Skip video ads on YouTube Extension" we can skip ads whenever necessary. In this we have to simply change the URL of the video. We have to change 'youtube' to 'youtubeskip' in the URL that's it.

Above are the Best and easiest ways to Skip Ads on Youtube Videos . Other two options can be "Best Alternatives". Now Enjoy your videos uninterruptedly.

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