Jun 1, 2013

How to easily create desktop shortcuts to separate User's in Google Chrome

After the introduction of the option to create different user profiles in Google Chrome, many quested how can we create Desktop shortcuts to those Separate user profiles directly. We are not provided with a solution at that times, but now Google has included an option to create Desktop Shortcuts to separate users right from the browser.

        Actually there are some workarounds to create these shortcuts before we are given an official solution. The workaround includes adding a snippet like the one below to the target of the application shortcut and change the Profile number accordingly as needed.
"Application\chrome.exe" --profile-directory="Profile 1""
        But now we can create the Desktop shortcuts by just tick marking a checkbox in the User setting panel. The regarding procedure is given below.

#Step 1 : Go to "Settings" in the top-right Customize and control button or just type "chrome://settings/" in the omnibox.

#Step 2 : Create a new user if not created already, in the User Section. Now click on edit and it will take you to "Edit user" Dialog box.

#Step 3 : Now here click on the "Add Desktop Shortcut" to add the shortcut to the desktop.

Google_Chrome_Desktop_Shortcuts, Desktop_shortcuts_for _Users

        That's it the shortcuts are created on the desktop just at a click.

But what's the use of this ?

        You may ask what is the use of creating these desktop shortcuts. Yes these will help us in following factors.
  • Save's time and help's to get rid of frustration of swapping between User's each time you login.
  • Help's to increase your privacy.
  • You can place these shortcuts either on Desktop or Quick launch Toolbar or anywhere on your hard disk. (You can simply drag this shortcut on to your Quick launch toolbar).
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