Sep 19, 2014 : Easily search Free Full Length Movies on Youtube

A Service for Movie-Buffs to search Free Full Length Movies instantly & accurately excluding trailers or any other videos. has made finding free full length movies on Youtube easy and clutterless. This one is Purely indian made by Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration. Using Youtube Data API various features are included in this. It can search for Free Full length movies of Different languages on Youtube instantly and accurately including only the movies.
Easily search Free Full Length Movies on Youtube

Key Features :

  • Searches Instantly using Youtube Search API internally
  • Search By Language & By Year Filters available 
  • Search Feature is Location aware, shows results geographically
  • Shows ratings under movie thumbnail as green and red bars
  • Flag Video button to report videos
  • Search Results are always current as it uses Youtube Search API
  • Future updates may contain integration of IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes databases
Sometimes the search may include videos which are not legal uploaded by unauthorized users. In such cases you might use the flag video button to report the video. This site proves to be a time saving and very good service for Movie Buffs. 

The Movie Catalog

Zero Dollar Movies is a collection of more than 15000 movies collected by scraping free full length movies on youtube community on Reddit. The site indexes only full length movies excluding trailers, motion posters or any other Partial uploads too. And the site works on the base of Youtube Search API so shows current results always. This solution also helps for watching free full length movies online without downloading or signing up easily.

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