Feb 6, 2013

Ever used Google to Find Interests of People of Different Countries

The most interesting and time saving feature Google Instant / Suggestions of Google Search can also be used to find the interests/attitude of people of Different Countries regarding a particular thing or issue. Though the Suggestions may vary at different instances according to the Google Suggest coding we can spot some suggestions constantly.

Now coming to the work, switching between different countries can be done by using google website of different countries. Here I'm going to explain the process by taking some examples.

Firstly, let us take Facebook as a Testing keyword and find in what way people of different countries are interested in Facebook. Comparing suggestions of Google India, UK, Korea we can say

  • Indians are interested in Facebook status, login page and checking Facebook Profiles etc.,
  • UK people are interested in using facebook from mobile and using chat emoticans.
  • Koreans are interested in the Application Programming Interface(API) used to develop apps for Facebook and they are also interested to check Facebook Profiles too..

Facebook on Google

In the same manner we can also find out the views of people of a country about other countries. For instance if we take Google Indian and UK version's and find views about Iran and Pakistan the resulting suggestions might be like this.(The results are captured on  29th March 2012).
Iran in Google India website

Iran in Google UK website
In this manner we can find the views of people of different countries and also we can compare them like the above one.

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